Prepare, Nurture, Shine!

Vision & Mission


To empower students with exemplary academic support services, comprehensive and individually focused learning that enriches the learning experience of students and prepares them for academic and life success within an engaging and welcoming environment.


To help students achieve their academic and potential goals through a range of both personalized and interactive learning initiatives that foster self regulated learning, enhance academic skills and create opportunities for leadership and continued development for the competitive examinations.

Why PNS Academy?

Assured quality teaching and guidance.

We provide solutions and answers to the problems faced by aspirants.

We ensure personal attention to every student.

Exhaustive class notes and study material.

We provide MOST PROBABLES for Preliminary Examinations with hit ration of 25-30%.

Our innovation popularly known as "CRACKS" helps students in understanding what
is written in between the lines.

Our unique concept popularly known as "SMART BATCH" where we provide smart strategy for every student.

Highly trusted faculty who is accessible to students all the time.
PG Facility available for outstation students.

Our Mission is achieved through the following:

Diverse course related academic support, such as peer turtoring, supplemental instruction and collaborative study groups. Identify and support students who are not performing to their potential and are in distress. Foster a sense of community among students through shared learning experiences. Foster a sense of intra and interpersonal competencies. Provide a positive experience and opportunities for every student to improve their skills and build self esteem. Deliver customized learning programs designed to build the foundations of student's success by helping them become independent learners. Deliver programs for each student to cultivate the learning skills necessary.